On/Off Switches Vs. Zoning Controllers: Which is Better for Your Home?

Air conditioners are a staple feature in Australian homes. Due to the ubiquity of air conditioning technology, many of us take for granted the comfort and convenience that it provides in our homes and workplaces. Yet the evolution of the air conditioning system is fascinating, and the humble on/off switch has given way to various zoning controllers that can save us both time and money. In this article, we look at the difference between on/off switches and zoning controllers and which type of system may be better suited to your home.

On/off switches are the simplest type of air conditioning system and work by turning the air conditioner on or off at a set temperature. This system is often used in small apartments or homes, where the entire space can be cooled or heated with a single unit. On the other hand, zoning controllers are a more sophisticated type of air conditioning system that allows you to divide your home into different zones. A zoning controller is usually shaped like a tablet. It is tactile, easy to use, and adds an aesthetic, contemporary flair to your home.

Key features of On/Off switches and zoning controllers include:


Zoning Controllers

Which option is better for your home?

The first thing to understand is that the standard on/off switchboard is not a poor option. It is simply standard. Therefore, all the ducted system features are not effectively utilised. From an investment perspective, this is not the ideal scenario.

Zoning controllers are increasing in popularity mainly due to their practicality, ease of use, and the fact that they allow you to use your ducted system to its fullest. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the optimal way to install a zoning controller is with experts in the field. Suppose you don’t have the knowledge and expertise of a trained technician. In that case, you will likely stumble into roadblocks during the setup and installation, especially as part of this process must be completed on the roof.

Can I install any Zoning Controller with any air conditioning brand?

Fortunately, the answer to his question is a short one. Yes! It is possible to install a zoning controller with any air conditioning brand. However, it is essential that you ask a qualified air conditioning technician to ensure that the zone controller is compatible with your air conditioning system. Fortunately for homeowners with existing air conditioning systems, the zoning controller can be installed after the air conditioning system. We refer to this service as an upgrade. The price of installing or upgrading your zoning controller depends on the brand and the features. So if you feel like giving your system a facelift that is not only aesthetic and contemporary but practical, you can do so regardless of which ducted air conditioner you have installed.

As the market becomes saturated with zoning controllers, brands are investing in innovations to stand out from their competition. The constant research and development of zoning technology gives homeowners various models to choose from.

The more common brands and models for Zoning Controllers include:

We highly encourage you to discuss your options with an expert. A qualified air conditioning technician can advise you on which model suits your needs and expectations. Just as you can save money by choosing the right air conditioning system, you can also save money by selecting an appropriate controller.

Wrapping Up

Although on/off switches and zoning controllers ultimately serve a similar purpose, zoning controllers give you more control of your ducted air conditioning system. From an investment perspective, it is clear that a zoning controller will provide you with a higher return as it allows you to utilise all the features of your ducted air conditioning system. If you are already investing in a ducted air conditioning system, we recommend you consider a zoning controller to maximise your investment. If you have questions regarding zoning controllers or any other air conditioning queries, don’t hesitate to contact our REQ Refrigeration team. We are always happy to help homeowners maximise the potential of their air conditioning systems.