Air Touch 2 Plus

Do you dread coming back to a home that feels like some forgotten corner of the Arctic or Saharan desert? Let’s face it. South Australians experience the polar extremes of blistering heat and freezing cold – it’s unsurprising that many homeowners are frustrated with shivering through winter afternoons or sweating through stuffy summer nights. At REQ Refrigeration, we’re always on-call to help you make your home a place you love to be, and with the Air Touch Two+’s advanced zone control system, the power to control your home’s climate from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection) can be at the tips of your fingers.

The Air Touch 2+ features a contemporary design and a high-resolution 7-inch touch screen that can blend seamlessly into any home, from a traditional cottage to a contemporary villa. With a multitude of easy-to-learn control options, you can easily adjust the flow of air in each of your home or office’s zones by 5% increments, making achieving an ideal climate tailored to your personal preferences easier and more intuitive than ever before.

The Air Touch 2+ integrates seamlessly with home assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for the ultimate in convenience. With its energy-saving capabilities, the Air Touch 2+ is the perfect solution for budget-conscious homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills and environmental impact. So why wait? Get in touch with the technicians at REQ Refrigeration to see how the Air Touch 2+ can bring reliable comfort to your home.

Air Touch 2+ Features

Versatile and Robust

The Air Touch 2 + connects up to 16 zones and 4 ducted air conditioning units for the ultimate indoor climate control.

Save on Energy

Stop heating or cooling the whole home. With the Air Touch 2 +, you can select which zones you want to target, reducing energy consumption and lowering your bills.

AirTouch App for iOS & Android

The Air Touch 2 + control app is available for iOS and Android, making it easy for you to control your climate from anywhere with a WiFi connection.

Voice Control

The Air Touch 2 + zone controller connects to virtual assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for easily integrated voice control solutions.

Easy Timer

Setting up automatic climate controls has never been easier. Save separate scenarios for different days, or opt for the simple on-and-off quick timer.

Away Mode

Planning to head off for the day? No problem. Away mode lets you make sure that your home is kept comfortable for when you return.

Set Point Temperature Limit

Forget about wasting energy with poor climate control. By setting a temperature limit on your air conditioning, you can restrict the upper and lower temperatures of your system.

Make keeping comfortable a breeze with the Air Touch 2+

Enquire today to see how the latest in zone control can help you maintain the perfect home climate.

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Technology evolves, and so do we. At REQ Refrigeration, we strive to stay ahead of the curve by offering our clients the very best in the latest ducted air conditioning, and that means providing advanced zone controllers that help you master your climate. Our team of industry experts has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to ensure that your home becomes your haven and that you and your family can benefit from advanced solutions tailored to your needs and lifestyle. We don’t deal with one-size-fits-all packages. We believe that each home deserves an air conditioning system that is as unique and singular as its family. This means that for us, it all starts with listening to you, what your expectations are, and how we can ensure that your AC meets, and exceeds them.

We approach each project with the goal of creating a customised solution that targets your needs. This means that we take into account more than just the layout of your home, but how you inhabit it on a daily basis as well. If you’re tired of air conditioning that feels more like a hassle than a remedy and want to experience ducted AC that’s installed in a way that makes sense for you, your lifestyle, and your home, don’t hesitate to enquire online, or give our friendly team a call.