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Tackling the Australian Climate Since 1984

ActronAir has a proud history of building air conditioning systems tailored to Australia’s rapidly changing conditions, from frigid winters to scorching, humid summers, and everything in between. As an Aussie, family-owned family, ActronAir understands the frustrations of Aussie homeowners and is uniquely positioned to deal with Australia’s unique challenges. That’s why ActronAir offers a premium range of energy and cost-effective climate solutions that are not only up to 75% more efficient than conventional, fixed-speed systems but come packed with valuable features guaranteed to help make your next summer a breeze.

Innovative Features That Keep Your Home Cool

ActronAir incorporates Tru-Blu and patented ESP Plus and ESP Ultima technologies, to create climate control systems that are equipped with versatile features designed to deal with Australia’s soaring temperatures.

Power Cooling

Power Cooling technology means that ActronAir systems provide superior cooling during exceptionally hot days, with their Classic providing up to 85% more cooling at 46ºC than traditional inverter systems.


Geofencing creates a virtual boundary around your property. Exiting the boundary automatically switches off your ActronAir system, while re-entering the boundary switches it back on. Forget cooling or heating an empty house- ActronAir makes keeping your home comfortable easy and cost-effective.

Remote Control

The Neo Connect app allows you to control your ActronAir system from the palm of your hand, no matter where you are.

Vertical Discharge

Australian homes are frequently built in close proximity to their neighbours, which makes noise pollution a frustrating issue. Outward-facing fans exacerbate the problem and can cause the outdoor unit of your air conditioner to overheat, and work harder to produce the same results. ActronAir’s outdoor units come equipped with upward-facing fans, keeping your air conditioner working efficiently, all the while minimising neighbourhood noise.

Advanced Zone Control

ActronAir gives you the power to individually control the temperature in separate zones with Neo One and Neo Sense. This means that everyone in your home can be kept comfortable and that you can easily avoid wasting energy by heating or cooling empty areas of your home.

Amazon Alexa Integration

ActronAir zone controllers can integrate easily with Amazon Alexa to create a truly contemporary experience by allowing you to use your voice to control your climate.

Suffering from stuffy nights?

Choose ActronAir and enjoy total climate control.

Air Conditioners Made to Suit You

Ducted Air Conditioning

Providing efficient centralised climate control, ducted air conditioners from ActronAir are ideal for heating and cooling your whole home. A network of ducts transports warm or cool air to rooms of your choice, creating the ideal climate for you and your family.

Cassette Air conditioning

ActronAir’s cassette air conditioners are sleek and discrete. Unlike ducted systems, cassette systems are best suited to small areas and offer a simple and aesthetically pleasing climate control solution.

Split System Air Conditioning

Split systems consist of indoor and outdoor units connected by refrigerant lines. A single split system is an ideal solution for heating or cooling a single room, while multiple split systems can be operated using just one outdoor unit using ActronAir’s MultiElite multi-split system.

Pair your ActronAir climate solution with award-winning controllers.

ActronAir offers a range of control solutions to put the power of total climate control in your hands. Choose from a range of sleek, contemporary models, including wireless options, to ensure your home is always comfortable, regardless of the season.

Neo Master Controller

Available in ceramic white and jet black, the Neo Master Controller is simple and easy to use, with intuitive controls that make changing zone temperatures, setting schedules, and using countdown timers easier than ever before.

Neo Zone Controller

Do you prefer cooler temperatures or like to stay extra cosy during chilly autumn mornings? Neo Zone Controllers allow you to control the temperature from inside your zone to guarantee you are always comfortable, no matter what the rest of the family is doing.

Neo Mobile App

The Neo Mobile App makes controlling your ActronAir system from wherever you are easy. Whether you leave home in a hurry and forget to turn off the AC or want to warm up the living room before you get home from work, the Neo Mobile app has your needs covered. With only a few taps on your smartphone, you can change temperatures, set up schedules, and switch the system on and off, providing hassle-free and convenient control at any time, and any place.

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