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1 x Mitsubishi Electric 10kW System with Installation by REQ Air-Conditioning (valued at over $11,000!).




1.        Promotion

REQ Royal Show Giveaway (“Promotion”)

2.        Promoter

FILTRD PTY LTD (ACN 639 220 698) trading as FILTRD (“Promoter”) on behalf of REQ PTY LTD (ACN 647 346 405) trading as REQ Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Address: PO Box 609, Stirling SA 5052 Email: will@filtrd.com.au

Phone: 0432 189 215

Promoters Websites (“Website”):

FILTRD: https:// https://www.filtrd.com.au/

REQ Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: https://reqrefrigeration.com.au/

3.        Prize

  • Prize: Mitsubishi Electric System & REQ Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Installation
  • Total Value of Prizes: RRP $13,500.00 (Mitsubishi Electric 10kw System (PEAM100GAAVKIT 4) (“Mitsubishi Electric System”) valued at $4,000.00, AirTouch 5 Zone System (“AirTouch System”) valued at $2,000.00, relevant components (including but not limited to ducting and wiring) valued at

$2,500.00 and installation services valued at up to $3,000.00 incl. GST)

4.        Promotional Period

Commences: 01/09/2023

Ends: 11/09/2023

5.        Eligible Entrants

Entry to the Promotion is open to only natural persons aged eighteen (18) years and older who comply with entry conditions and are:

(a) South Australian Residents residing within 100kms of postcode 5000.

6.        Entry Requirements & Instructions

To enter the Promotion, you must:

  1. Complete the entry form and provide all information required on the entry platform located at https://reqrefrigeration.com.au/submityourentry/
  2. Follow the prompts to the Promotion’s entry page; and
  3. Input all requested details (including their Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number and Suburb) and agree to the Promoters terms and conditions.

7.        Entry Conditions

  • Limited to one (1) entry per person.
  • Employees (and their immediate families) of the Promoter and agencies associated with this promotion are ineligible to enter. Immediate family means any of the following: spouse, ex-spouse, de-facto spouse, child, or step-child (whether natural or by adoption), parent, step-parent, grandparent, step-grandparent, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister or 1st cousin.

8.        Draw Date & Method

  • There will be a total of one winner determined in respect of this Promotion


  • The Prize draw to determine the Winner will take place on 12/09/2023 via a digital draw livestreamed on Facebook and Instagram in the presence of an independent scrutineer at 11:00 at 20-30 Crozier St, Port Adelaide SA 5015. The winner will be published on the Website within 30 days following the draw.
  • Should the Prize not be claimed within ninety (90) days from date of the Prize draw, a further draw will take place from the pool of valid entries on 11/12/2023 (“Secondary Draw”) via a digital draw livestreamed on Facebook and Instagram in the presence of an independent scrutineer at

11:00 at 20-30 Crozier St, Port Adelaide SA 5015. Should the Secondary

Draw be required, the winner will be published on the Website within 30 days following the draw.

9.        Notification of the Winner

  • The winner will be notified via phone and email via the details provided in their entry within seven (7) days of the draw.
  • Should a second chance draw be required, the second-chance winner will be notified via phone and email via the details provided in their entry within seven (7) days of the draw.
  • The Winner will be published on the Promoter’s website for a minimum of 30 days.

10. Method of Claiming Prize

  • Prize Claim Dates: Within 90 days of the Draw
  • How to Claim Prizes: The Promoter will notify prize winners on the day of the draw.

11. Permit Numbers

(where applicable)




  1. These Terms & Conditions are to be read in conjunction with the Promotion Details above. Any capitalised terms used in these Terms & Conditions have the meaning set out in the Promotion Details above.

  1. These Terms & Conditions apply to the Promotion which is conducted by the Promoter. By participating in the Promotion, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions, which constitutes as a legally binding agreement between you and the Promoter.

  1. Where applicable, the Permit Numbers as set out in Item 11 of the Promotion Details apply to the Promotion.

  1. All decisions made by the Promoter with respect to any aspect of the Promotion are final, and no correspondence will be entered into with you.

  1. ENTRY

  1. All entries in the Promotion must comply with these Terms & Conditions (“Entry”) and each Entry has an equal chance at winning the Prize.

  1. Your Entry must be submitted:
  1. during the Promotional Period set out in Item 4 of the Promotion Details;
  2. in accordance with the Entry Requirements & Instructions set out in Item 6 of the Promotion Details; and
  3. in accordance with the Entry Conditions set out in Item 7 of the Promotion Details.

  1. Your Entry will be deemed to be received only when received by the Promoter.

  1. If you submit an Entry, you warrant that you are an Eligible Entrant set out in Item 5 of the Promotion Details and that if you are not, you may be disqualified from the Promotion. The Promoter reserves all rights with respect to such breach.

  1. You are solely responsible for your Entry, including any costs associated with entering the Promotion and/or network connectivity.
  2. Where applicable, except for your personal information, the Promoter is the sole owner of all intellectual property in connection with the Promotion (including your Entry).

  1. PRIZE

  1. The Prize must be accepted as offered and claimed in accordance with Item 10 of the Promotion Details, otherwise the Prize shall be forfeited by the Winner. The Promoter will not be liable for any unclaimed Prize under this Clause and the Promoter is under no obligation to offer an additional or substitute Prize to that Winner.

  1. The Prize may be subject to any additional terms and conditions as determined by the relevant supplier of the Prize and/or the Promoter.

  1. Unless otherwise stated, the Prize cannot be resold, transferred, exchanged, redeemed for cash for any reason (except as outlined in clause 3.4); or used for any advertising, promoting or other commercial purposes.

  1. Despite Clause 3.3, should the Winner elect to transfer the prize to another person who would otherwise, the promoter in their sole discretion can consent to the transfer of the prize. All obligations and terms and conditions applicable to the winner will be extended to the nominated transferee should the promoter consent to the transfer of the prize.

  1. The Total Prize Value set out in Item 3 of the Promotion Details is correct as at the date of preparing these Terms & Conditions and shall include any applicable GST.

  1. The Promoter does not accept any responsibility for a variation in the Prize. If any Prize (or part of) is unavailable, the Promoter reserves the right to substitute the Prize with a prize of equal or greater value and you agree to accept such substitution in writing, subject to any applicable regulation.

  1. To the fullest extent permitted, the Promoter will not be held responsible for the failure to provide the Winner with the Prize or substitute Prize under Clause 3.6.

  1. Where applicable, the Promotor is not responsible for any dispute between a Winner and any person with whom a Winner chooses to share the Prize.

  1. The Promoter is not responsible for any tax implications and the Winner is solely responsible for the payment of all taxes (if any) in connection with the Prize. It is the Winner’s sole responsibility to seek independent financial advice as they require.

  1. Prior to installation of the prize, REQ Refrigeration and Air Conditioning will confirm that the final location of the installed Mitsubishi Electric System and AirTouch System will comply with Australian Electrical Installation standards.

  1. For the avoidance of doubt, the limit of the value of installation costs provided by the Promoter as a prize is $3,000.00 incl. GST.


  1. The Promoter will conduct the Prize Draw in accordance with Item 8 of the Promotion Details, and the Winner shall be selected at random.

  1. The Winner will be notified in accordance with Item 9 of the Promotion Details.

  1. In the event that:
  1. a Winner is deemed ineligible for any reason;
  2. after the Promoter makes reasonable efforts, the Winner cannot be identified; or
  3. where a Winner forfeits a Prize under Clause 3.1,

the Prize may be awarded to the person drawn under the Secondary Draw.


  1. You must not:
  1. tamper with the Promotion in any way or at any stage;
  2. engage in any conduct that may jeopardise the fair and proper conduct of the Promotion, including using automatically generated entries or aliases;
  3. act in a disruptive, annoying, threatening, abusive or harassing manner; or
  4. do anything that may diminish the good name or reputation of the Promoter or any of its related partners, suppliers, entities and/or of the agencies or companies associated with this Promotion.

  1. The Promoter reserves the right, at any time, to require documentation from you to verify the validity of your Entry (including an your name, age and place of residence).

  1. Any breach of or failure by you to comply with these Terms & Conditions or those imposed by the Promoter’s partners may result in the Prize being withdrawn from you or you being disqualified from the Promotion, without further liability for the Promoter and/or its partners.

  1. The Promoter and/or its partners reserve all rights with respect to any breach of these Terms & Conditions.


  1. Your personal information is directly collected by the Promoter in connection with the Promotion and is used to:

  1. Conduct the Promotion, which may include supplying your personal information to the

Promoter’s partners and/or suppliers of the Prize;

  1. Provide you with the Promoter’s monthly subscription updates, which you can unsubscribe from

at any time; and

  1. Promote the Promoter and/or the Promotion in accordance with Clause 6.2.

  1. The Winner agrees to participate in promotional activity and consents to the use of the Winner’s name

and image in connection with the Promotion, without further remuneration.

  1. By entering into this Promotion, you agree that the Promoter may store and use your personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy located at https://reqrefrigeration.com.au/privacy- policy & https://www.filtrd.com.au/privacypolicy (“Privacy Policy”).

  1. Please visit the Privacy Policy for further information regarding how to seek access or correction of your personal information, or to make a complaint with respect to your privacy.


  1. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Promoter is not liable for any personal injury or death, losses or damages of any kind to persons or property resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from the participation in the Promotion or from the acceptance, possession, misuse or use of any Prize.

  1. Without limiting Clause 7.1, the Promoter and its partners, suppliers of the Prize, or associated companies is not liable for any incorrect or ineligible submission Entries, failure to claim a Prize, damage or delay in delivery of Prizes, or failure to receive correspondence.

  1. If this Promotion cannot be conducted for any reason beyond the Promoter's control (including but not limited to technical issues or failure or tampering and fraud), the Promoter may end, amend, suspend or cancel the Promotion or disqualify affected Entries, subject to any necessary approval by the relevant regulatory body (if any).

  1. Nothing in these Terms & Conditions restricts, excludes or modifies any consumer rights under any statute including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

By entering into the Promotion, you accept that any dispute with respect to the Promotion and/or these Terms & Conditions shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Victorian Courts in Australia.

  1. This Competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook or Instagram (“Meta”). Each entrant agrees that, to the extent permitted by applicable law, Meta shall not have any liability in relation to this Competition. Entrants must comply with Meta’s respective terms and policies and any similar rules, guidelines or policies published by them from time to time.